Tuesday, 22 September

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has decided to confirm restoration of the Russian delegation’s powers without any restrictions, despite the violation of the principles of the Council of Europe.

After the debate, the PACE deputies overwhelmingly rejected all the amendments proposed by the representatives of Ukraine, Georgia, Britain, Latvia and a number of other states, and approved the resolution as a whole. In favor were 116 MPs, 52 against, 15 abstained.

In accordance with this decision, the powers of the delegation of the Russian Federation are confirmed without restrictions.

It is noteworthy that the document recognized numerous violations of the principles of the Council of Europe by Russia and the Russian parliament, but limited the “urge” to implement the previous resolutions, with only 5 requirements.

– to release 24 Ukrainian sailors captured near the Kerch Strait;

– to ay immediate contributions to the Council of Europe budget;

– to cooperate with the investigation into the shoot-down of the MH17 airliner;

– to stop the persecution of LGBT in Russia, especially in Chechnya, and to punish those who violated the rights of these people before;

– to cooperate with the international community in investigating the assassination of Boris Nemtsov.

Ukraine’s proposals to extend this list to new violations in the Crimea and Donbas, etc., were rejected.

At the next PACE session, it is possible to re-appeal the powers of the Russian delegation if the Venice Commission confirms that Russian deputies were elected illegally because of the votes of the Crimeans.

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