Tuesday, 22 September

The court recognized the refusal of the CEC to register a candidate Oleksandr Onishchenko legitimate. He is suspected of large-scale embezzlement.

The court clarifies that, according to Ukrainian legislation, a candidate for People’s deputy has to live in Ukraine for the last five years. A person is considered to be resident on the territory of Ukraine if her single travel abroad on private affairs does not exceed 90 days, and in total – 180 days a year.

After the refusal of the Central Election Commission to register the candidate, Onyschenko tried to prove in the court that he has the right to run, arguing that he was outside Ukraine because he “participated in the competition”.

“Assessing the reasons for the absence of the plaintiff outside the territory of Ukraine, the court found that the letter of the NGO All-Ukrainian Equestrian Federation does not contain information about the name of the competition, place, and date of the competition, the status of the plaintiff in these competitions and the grounds on which the plaintiff took part,” the court explained.

The court concluded that the plaintiff’s arguments regarding the violation of the requirements during the decision on his registration had not been confirmed, therefore the court found that there were no grounds for satisfying the claims.

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