Wednesday, 30 September

In the report of the PACE Monitoring Committee on the powers of the Russian delegation in the demands and appeals to the Russian Federation, there were no points concerning the occupied Crimea, the Russian Federation’s aggression in the Donbas and its actual control over the territory. The only exception is mentioned shoot-down of MH17 airliner.

Despite the proposal of the British speaker Roger Gale, the draft decision excluded the mention of any restrictions on the rights of the delegation of the Russian Federation. Instead, there was left the block with appeals to the Russian Federation on behalf of the Assembly, consisting of 5 points:

– release 24 Ukrainian sailors captured near the Kerch Strait;

– pay urgent contributions to the Council of Europe budget;

– to cooperate with the investigation on the shoot-down of the MH17 airliner;

– to stop the persecution of LGBT in Russia, especially in Chechnya, and to punish those who violated the rights of these people earlier;

– to cooperate with the international community in the investigation of Boris Nemtsov assassination.

There are no separate appeals for the annexation of the Crimea, a systematic violation of the rights of the Crimean Tatars, serious violations of human rights in the occupied regions of the Ukrainian Donbas, or the Ukrainian captives in Russia.

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