Wednesday, 30 September

Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

Intense heat is walking across Europe, like the once-famous ghost. At first, it was rampant in Ukraine, and now it has moved to Western Europe. And quite northernly Germany breathes heavily from +33 +37 degrees, not to mention Spain and the whole Mediterranean.

In the coming days, Ukraine will finally receive fresh compensation for the recent heat wave. The atmospheric front named Otto, associated with the Baltic wet cyclone will create conditions for wet and cool weather.

The rains will be local and small, but the cold air, which is always harder, will flow in Ukraine along with a strong wind. North-west wind direction is expected. Carefully choose a place to park the car, especially dangerous areas are under old trees.

In the south and east of Ukraine, a strong wind is unlikely. The heat will fall rapidly and already on June 28, 29 and 30 the daily temperature will be +20 +26 degrees in most regions of Ukraine. +23 +29 degrees is expected in the south and east, and +18 +22 degrees ‒ even in some northern regions. It will become colder at night; thermometers will drop to +9 +16 degrees.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


At the beginning of July, the temperature regime will increase again in Ukraine; it is expected +25 +30 degrees during the day, in some places in the south and east ‒ up to 32 degrees above zero. However, extreme heat is unlikely.

On July 1, high atmospheric pressure will prevail in Ukraine, precipitation is not expected, and local thunderstorms are possible only in the south-east. On July 2, the atmospheric front will visit us, so the cloudiness will increase and there will be short rains with thunderstorms. On July 3, the influence of the western anticyclone with the centre over Great Britain will intensify; in most regions of Europe, including Ukraine, dry weather will prevail.

In Kyiv, on June 28, 29 and 30, there is a chance of a short rain with a thunderstorm. However, precipitation will be insignificant, and sunny periods will be longer. The end of the week, along with the weekend, will be significantly fresher in the capital.

The air temperature in the capital will drop to +10 +14 degrees at night, +20 +22 degrees are expected in the daytime. Cool feelings will be intensified by gusty northwest wind.

July will begin with an increase in air temperature in Kyiv, but there will be no revenge from the intense heat. The columns of thermometers will rise in the daytime to +25 +28 degrees. Significant rainfall is unlikely, only July 2 there will be occasional rains with thunderstorms.

Such a synoptic situation with significant fluctuations in atmospheric pressure and air temperature can adversely affect the health of people with cardiovascular diseases, cause weakness, drowsiness, and headache. Monitor your health and new weather forecasts carefully.

However, there is a positive moment in this weather metamorphosis. After all, the rains and cooling will clear the air from harmful substances that the heat was accumulating over our homes and the environment for a long time. The atmosphere is trying its best for us, so we should respond to it with liability and intelligent care.

Natalka Didenko

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