Wednesday, 21 October

Ukrainian political prisoner Volodymyr Balukh, illegally detained in Russia, once again declared a hunger strike. Balukh’s lawyer Danylo Berman reported about this.

Balukh wrote a letter confirming that he began a hunger strike. Balukh’s requirements are to call the Consul, return the psalter, warm linen and sweater. On the eve, Balukh reported that in the colony his life is threatened.

Політв’язень Володимир Балух знову оголосив голодування

“Balukh had a psalter which was censored and was all the time with him at the colony of Kerch, but in Torzhok, for absolutely unknown reasons, the psalter was taken away from him. Not only does a person freeze up to the bones, but he also can not pray as he used to,” said the lawyer.

Recall that in March, Balukh was convoyed from the Kerch colony to the disposal of the Federal Penitentiary Service in the Tver region. He is held in a prison pen in Torzhok.

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