Ukrainian political prisoner Serhii Litvinov, convicted in Russia for fabricated allegations, has been serving sentence in Ukraine for 5 months. This is reported by the Hromadske.

As the political prisoner himself told journalists, he is serving his sentence there from March 1, 2019. The same information was confirmed by the leadership of Dykanivska colony No.12. He is serving his sentence for what he had been charged in Russia – robbery.

In Russia, he stayed in jail for 5 years. The leadership of the Dykanivska colony confirmed that he still had another 3.5 years to serve.

Asked how he got into Ukraine, Serhii Litvinov replied, “I myself don’t understand what I’m doing here, I was deported to my homeland from Magadan. In Magadan, in court, I was told that Ukraine agreed that I would serve my term at home, but Ukraine could not say so. They brought me to Starobelsk in the SIZO, and the Bilovodsky court (district court in the Lugansk region) held a meeting without me, and the court already sent me to a penal colony.”

He added that he wrote a letter asking for a pardon of President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

The administration of the colony confirmed that the documents for pardon today, June 27, were sent to Kyiv.

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