The constitution was adopted under the strict control of God, the biggest wealth of our country is land, and in parliament, everything starts with the oldest deputy. We’ve read the main law of the country and are ready to tell you about the 20 most interesting and important facts.

The main law of the country Many people may find it quite understandable, but it’s better to remind it: the Constitution has supreme legal force. It is on its basis and in accordance with its provisions that laws and other normative acts are adopted.

It is not easy to change the Constitution. This requires a bill submitted by the president or at least one-third of the people’s deputies. However, changes must be made responsibility: People’s Deputies can’t edit the same provisions twice during their term.

There are more rights than duties. Five – so few responsibilities we could find in the section “Rights, freedoms and responsibilities of man and citizen.” So they include care of children by their parents (and reverse care by children of their parents), protection of the independence and integrity of Ukraine, protection of nature and cultural heritage, payment of taxes and strict adherence to the Constitution.

Конституція за 5 хвилин: розповідаємо про найцікавіші факти з тексту головного закону

The church is separate from the state, the Constitution – with God. It’s a bit obscure, right? The thing is that Ukraine is a secular country, that is, the church and religious organizations are separated from the state, just as the school is separated from the church. Therefore, no religion can be defined as a compulsory one. But the Constitution is really… with God. At the very beginning of the main document, the Verkhovna Rada notes that it adopted it including “taking into account the responsibility before God”.

Peoples’ power is not news. The thing to which some of the presidential candidates have appealed so actively is not America or even Berdychiv. Our country is a republic, but it is the people who are the bearer of sovereignty and the only source of power in Ukraine.

Referendum is not know-how also. Sometimes they manage to present something well-known packaged as something new and unique, but referendum, along with elections, is a key form of democracy through which the same people’s power is implemented.

The biggest national wealth of the country is its land. This is what the main law of Ukraine emphasizes. The land is under the special protection of the state because any wealth must be protected, right?

Censorship is prohibited. Two words that fundamentally distinguish us from an eastern and aggressive neighbor. After all, tyranny and dictatorship begin in a place where there is no freedom for the main thing – speech.

The course towards NATO and the EU is enshrined in the Constitution.  A little but a nice detail that is known to almost everyone. When you start reading the law, you will surely come across the following wording: “Taking care for the strengthening of civil accord on the land of Ukraine and confirming the European identity of the Ukrainian people and the irreversibility of the European and Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine.”

A citizen is a citizen forever. That’s right, Ukrainians can’t be deprived of citizenship. However, nothing and nobody can forbid us to change this citizenship. The only thing you need is your own will.

Find out what they know about you. Every Ukrainian has an absolute constitutional right to find out what information state authorities, local self-government, institutions, and organizations know about him or her. The only exception is state secrets.

Full secondary education is compulsory. The state, in its turn, should facilitate in every possible way the achievement of this education by its citizens.

The laws do not live in the past. No legal act has a retroactive effect. Unless adopted bills do not mitigate or abolish the responsibility of individuals.

All of us are equal. Regardless of anything, all people are equal and free in their dignity and rights. Our freedom is inviolable, and some countries can still envy us.

Конституція за 5 хвилин: розповідаємо про найцікавіші факти з тексту головного закону

The president doesn’t change tariffs and doesn’t reform healthcare. Even if you wrote about it in your candidate’s program. Functions of the head of state are also outlined in the Constitution. The main ones are defense and presentation of the state on the international arena.

Crimea and Donbas are Ukraine. Everything is as simple as possible. The law clearly states that the issue of changing the country’s territories is resolved exclusively by an all-Ukrainian referendum. Therefore, the pseudo-referendum, which was “held” by Russia, after the annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula, didn’t contain any legal force.

Конституція за 5 хвилин: розповідаємо про найцікавіші факти з тексту головного закону

In fact, the Constitution is an interesting and important thing. So if you always come to a birthday party with gifts, the best present for your own country will be its main law.

By Dmytro Zhuravel

Illustrations by Nastasia Petrova

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