Tuesday, 29 September

The Supervisory Board of Suspilne (Public Broadcasting Company) revoked its decision to terminate the contract with the head of the board of broadcasters Zurab Alasania, adopted in the winter of 2019.

Previously, the court renewed Zurab Alasania as the head of Suspilne, but the decision has not yet come into force, so he was temporarily appointed a “chief expert”.

“We could avoid excessive delays if the Supervisor cancelled its decision itself. I wrote that ‘it’s not about Supervisory Board’ and I made a mistake,” wrote Zurab.

According to Alasania, on June 27, the Supervisory Board met and cancelled its decision to terminate the contract.

“This means that in a few days after the report of the meeting of the Supervisory Board is promulgated, I will be reinstated as the chairman of the Board of Hromadske and will continue my work,” he specified.

Alasania added that “the restoration of the status quo”, as he hopes, “will become the first step towards a concerted work together.”

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