Tuesday, 29 September

Wolves in sheepskin and lambs in wolf masks, or Who and from whom to choose? (reflections on the issue without any calls or agitation)

Well, the Constitutional Court together with the guarantor of Constitution bailed on the Constitution itself. And the whole of Ukraine immediately plunged into the whirl of regular electoral processes. The political muzzles replaced advertising muzzles. The same thing with radio and TV space – pharmacy laxative replaced political laxative. We lived up to the days when some persons who hadn’t been shaken hands a couple of years ago now proclaim themselves political leaders and are fully advertised in radio and on TV.

This election will be symbolic for us already by the fact that we will hardly ever see such a number of overt and disguised devils on the lists of various parties and political forces. Moreover, the strange thing is that on one list there could be sheep, wolves and cabbage, that’s it a volunteer, a patriot, an honest and down-to-earth person, and an open separatist. It’s already no surprise to see how yesterday’s anti-corruptionists support today’s corruptionists and corruptionists frankly promise to fight against anti-corruptionists… Here, I already became confused who is a wolf, who is a sheep and who is a cabbage.

Which of you, dear readers, used to know what constituency you have? Well, surely that among the readers of Opinion there might be many polite, intelligent and responsible ones, and the number of their constituency they knew ever since adulthood. I myself, turned out to be irresponsible because only this year I inquired on the number of the constituency and the list of candidates for it.

Earlier it was really much easier. The “A” party brought a package of buckwheat and oil, the “B” party gave a concert with an ensemble of the former Pioneers’ House, and from “C” party such a pretty leader appeared in some TV show. I forced myself before the elections to look through some program thesis to at least find out who of them are less communists, more socialists and latent democrats. Previously, one went to the elections and voted not for the program, not for the party’s ideology, but for the name, for the leader, and a little bit for promises. Today the principle has changed fundamentally (at least in my environment).

Leader and the party’s name faded in the background, people got interested in the lists, who is there further than a leader? For Leader in the majority of parties doesn’t decide anything, this is a screen, just a party brand (pardon me) but the persons who follow the leader may be interesting because the decision won’t be taken by a leader only, the decision on voting will be taken by the party majority. In fact, not a single party from the top five ratings couldn’t do without a list scandal because somewhere a sheep pulled on a wolf mask, and somewhere a wolf wore sheepskin and truly devours cabbage to prove to a stunned voter that it is not such a scum. The previous spring election took place under the sign of “new faces”, the majority demonstrated that they strive for new faces but in fact, on the new lists of new parties those crawling in who were badly lame in the last convocations. Interestingly, will a mass voter notice their approach?

This election will become a turning point by the fact that voters finally learnt to read the program at least to answer the opponents later, “Our party didn’t promise this”. However, the candidate himself learnt to say one and unconditional, to show in the program something different and already conditional but in fact to do something third, explaining it by necessity, by the influence of predecessors, or by another implausible gibberish.

But the most important sign of this election is that among hundreds of scandals, investigations and intrigues people with honest intentions to change something within their competencies for the better go in the politics. And here somebody goes as a majoritarian, and someone joins the team of newly formed parties. And it’s hard for us, the voters, to peruse and be able to make tough decisions, look for the answers to difficult questions – are you ready to support the party in bulk, where for 10 frank scums there is a one truly honest and honoured person? Are you ready to give a chance to your majoritarian if he runs for elections without a party and crazy money but with particular views, ideas and deeds? Are you ready to vote for those “with unshakable hands” only because their faces seem new?

Difficult and important questions are countless, can we find the answer? Who knows. It’s important that we started to look for them.

Tatusya Bo

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