Andrii Bohdan, the head of what is already the Office, not the Administration of the President, gave an interview to one of the Ukrainian publications. You may wonder what’s so special about it that we write about it. We have collected the reactions in the network and are ready to explain what is wrong in a nutshell.

Of course, you can read the interview here. And you even need to do it in order to understand the thoughts and plans of the head of the President’s Office. But if you are too lazy to spend time on it, you can just use a short overview from the journalist Denys Bihus.

Most of the discussion was caused by the position of Andrii Bohdan on the language issue. For example, the people’s deputy and the co-author of the law on language Iryna Podoliak simply… told a lawyer to get lost.

The speaker of the parliament Andrii Parubii criticized the statement about the introduction of the regional languages and, having reminded that nobody forbids to speak any language in Ukraine, but the common state language for all is one – the Ukrainian.

The political expert Olexiy Minakov in reaction to Bohdan’s proposal to allow Donetsk and Luhansk regions to introduce the Russian language officially noted that nobody forbids to promise mountains of gold to the occupied territories after de-occupation. However, the expert notes: the key question is another, namely how to achieve control over these territories. So, how to force the Russian troops to leave.

The public activist and blogger Andrii Smolii stressed that the issue of language is perhaps the most painful issue in promoting the interests of the Kremlin. According to the author, Bohdan’s rhetoric resembles the level of the platform “For Life”…

A historian and a publicist Vakhtang Kipiani even noted that with such a head of the President’s Office Zelensky has to… to prepare for moving from Bankova to the Russian Rostov. With the transit through Kryvyi Rih.

A journalist Olena Balaba, in turn, is convinced that when they start talking about the Russian language and the referendum in certain areas, it means that you can wait for Russian “men”, grads and tanks.

Writer and journalist Maksym Butchenko stressed that in Donbas there are no real problems with the Ukrainian language, so all the theses about solving problems with the help of the Russian language are the nonsense of the regionals and the Russian propagandists. And the statements of Bohdan only exacerbate this thesis.

A blogger and a journalist Roman Kulyk also agrees that the Galician (!) Bohdan may be living with the Russian myths about Ukraine. In addition, another option is possible: he simply operates these myths to stress his positions.

But a political analyst Viktor Taran mentioned that Bohdan’s interview recalled a conversation of the “lads” from the ’90s – brazen, impudent and categorical.

A political scientist Mykhailo Basarab is even sure that the team of Zelensky is worse than the Party of Regions because the latter was open and official enemy of the state, but the former is the same, according to the author, but well camouflaged.

The people’s deputy Sergey Vysotsky expressed the belief that the new progressive team is soaked with pro-Russian thoughts, and although they declare something else, from the subconscious hints it is the Russian version of events.

The journalist Maryna Danylik-Yemolayeva believes that the interview with Bohdan which shook the network is the story about how a little more than a month rose crowns in the minds of the new leaders.

A blogger and a writer Zoya Kazanzhy shared the main “pearls” from the conversation, but noted that in addition to this, the text has a lot of “beauties” and it should be read fully.

But a political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya drew attention to Bohdan’s recognition that the president’s team does not have a master, and all actions are emotional. According to her, it was clear from the very beginning, but there is a natural question: why run for the presidency if you plan to be guided only by emotions?

A volunteer and a blogger Dana Yarovaya called the “emotional campaign” a Brownian motion. For reference, Wikipedia explains it literally this way: the disordered, chaotic motion of a particle under the action of uneven impacts of molecules of matter from different sides in solutions. That is a subtle thought.

An economist Sergey Fursa assured with sarcasm: it is possibly good that the President does not give an interview, because we could lose all hope. In general, the author is convinced that in this conversation we can read all the main values of the team: the 90s in the soul, the Russian world and the Soviet Union.

The journalist Roman Skrypin is no less outraged.

And a journalist Kateryna Roshuk simply stated: Bohdan’s dances are still better than his interviews.

Reactions were collected by the very Stepan the Goat

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