Wednesday, 23 September

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov in a letter to the Central Election Commission explained that the ex-head of Viktor Yanukovych‘s Presidential Administration Andrii Klyuyev wasn’t in Ukraine since 2014 and, accordingly, has no right to participate in the elections of people’s deputies.

Arsen Avakov expressed the hope that the letter “serves as the basis for the adoption of the decision by CEC to withdraw Andrii Klyuyev from the elections.”

The letter says that according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Klyuev left Ukraine in 2014 along with former President Viktor Yanukovych and did not reside in Ukraine for the last five years. In addition, according to the Arkan system, during this period Klyuyev did not cross the border of Ukraine. Otherwise, the perpetrator would be arrested by law enforcement officers, since he is in search, explained Avakov.

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