Wednesday, 29 January

What no one was afraid of, and what no one expected, happened: the parliament registered the bill on… decursing of the language. The initiator of the document is people’s deputy Olha Bohomolets. We wanted to collect clever comments, be we came up with a hit parade of jokes.

You are probably wondering what should have happened that in the last month of work the parliamentarians started to deal with such painful and standing problems that the old powers certainly left for us. So, Ms. Bohomolets says that “profanity abuses our daily lives”, and therefore she considers it necessary to try to protect… the future of Ukraine.

By the way, just so you know, swear words were a part of the ancient medieval carnival celebrations and transformations, the manifestation of psychological weakness, a primitive way of expressing aggression, pseudo-self-defense, God, help us to endure all that and not go nuts.

So what does Ms. Bohomolets suggest? To define the term “profanity”, to establish monetary liability for television and radio organizations for swearing on the air, to regulate the issue of “replacement of any letter” in case of the use of words and expressions “which are subject to the term profanity”… Are you still reading? In short, the petitioner proposes to establish administrative liability for propagation of cursing, also on the Internet. So, mind your talks, because the bill even offers… fifteen days of administrative arrest.

The only thing that is good – the bill of Ms. Bohomolets doesn’t require money yet. But it seems to me, it does need advice from Ms. Suprun.

The best thing that could probably be seen after what I’ve read was the review from the lovely Yanina Sokolova. But Ms. Yanina, let’s be a little more careful because 15 days of arrest will make you miss at least one episode of “Evening”.

However, there are more or less serious comments on the deprofanity initiative. For example, our editor-in-chief Svitlana Bondar hinted that in this way the government is trying to divert the attention of the people.

However, a blogger Roman Shrike is of somewhat different opinion on this point.

And here is the opinion of the writer and translator Ostap Ukraiinets about the prospects of Olha Bohomolets and her ugh… bill.

If you were all waiting for the comment of the master… of profanity Les Podereviansky, don’t say thank you. I’ve been waiting for it too.

And now – just treat yourself to good jokes. For example, I support the idea of Butkevych, but it is a pity that Ms. Bohomolets is unlikely to hear it.

And finally, in order to consolidate and to breathe the last profane oxygen in, do it with the right music.

Reactions were collected and 15 days of arrest were earned by Stepan the Goat

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