Tuesday, 22 September

The transformation of the Ukrainian House into the president’s office can begin in August. It will require about 300 million hryvnias and approximately one year. This was announced at the presentation of the concept of the new office by the co-author of the project, the founder of the workshop 33BY Architecture Ivan Yunakov.

“In general, the team has been working for about two months. We are preparing a technical task so that the project institute, which has access to classified information, could make a project on technical expertise,” Yunakov said.

According to him, taking into account that a lot of work has already been done, it will take about a month for all project’s approvals.

“With normal financing, the implementation time will be 6-10 months,” said Yunakov.

Within the framework of the project, it is planned to complete a small one-story glass building, which will house a reception center, an information center, as well as, underground parking will be constructed. Also there is a plan to arrange a landscaping zone and launch an updated fountain.

На переїзд Зеленського в Український дім потрібно 300 млн грн та один рік

“In the premises with the old Soviet engineering equipment, which occupy almost 4 thousand square meters, an underground parking lot will be made for 100 cars, and parking for visitors will be added for 34 cars… In the center of the atrium, it is planned to build a sculpture of contemporary art, we put the usual tree in a project, but it will not be there,” said Yunakov.

На переїзд Зеленського в Український дім потрібно 300 млн грн та один рік

In addition, according to him, the office infrastructure will include gyms, conference halls, and public space – the two floors will work on the basis of co-working. Two more floors will be allocated under the president’s apparatus. And the cabinet of Volodymyr Zelensky himself will be located on the fourth floor. In general, the office of the president will be designed for 500 jobs.

На переїзд Зеленського в Український дім потрібно 300 млн грн та один рік

“In order to get there, it will be necessary to undergo a certain registration, but I think it’s not very complicated. There will also be cafes and restaurants that will serve co-workings and office workers,” the architect said.

According to the approved MinRegion, the cost of reconstruction of the administrative building may amount to about 300 million hryvnias, however, according to Yunakov, “the final sum will be known after we will know the cost of all equipment“.

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