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In July, you always wait for cherries, to swim in full, for dear guests from abroad, to meet with friends outdoors, for carelessness and the feast of St. John the Baptist (Kupala). Although not everyone is throwing wreaths in Dnipro River or ponds, not singing festive Kupala songs, this night is some kind of beautiful, warm, fabulous, rich with traditions and so Ukrainian. Well, in July, the weather is always beautiful. Even if Ukraine has atmospheric fronts, rain, hail, and tornadoes. After all, when we recall July in the winter, it is always a little happiness.

In the coming days, better temperature regime in most regions of Ukraine cannot be imagined.

During July 4-7, the air temperature will fluctuate within a comfortable range of +21 +26 degrees.

Traditionally, it will be warmer in the southern part and in the east, +24 +29 degrees, with the intense sun in some places up to +30 degrees. However, the main thing is that strong heat is unlikely here.

Short thunderstorms are more possible on July 6, 7 and 8.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


Atmospheric fronts will go from west to southeast, along with rain and thunderstorms. Dry weather will prevail in the southeast.

On July 9-10, there will be more rains in Ukraine; sometimes they can even turn into heavy showers with squalls.

However, one should not forget that such July showers are of short duration and it is extremely difficult to predict their time.

If in the near future any activities are planned in the open air, especially near the sea, it is necessary to closely monitor short-term weather forecasts and updated weather radar data. After all, a powerful black cloud with a rainstorm and a dangerous squall can form from one small cloud.

There will be no heat next week, so it’s worth planning more walks and outdoor work.

In Kyiv, the end of the current week and the beginning of the next one also belong to a moderately warm air mass. The air temperature in the capital is expected to be comfortable. It will fluctuate within +23 +26 degrees.

Rains and thunderstorms are expected in Kyiv on July 6, it will be dry during the Kupala night, but on the afternoon of July 7, on the feast of St. John the Baptist will be rainy again. July 8 ‒ a short break. Further precipitation is possible on July 9 and 10. Rains in some places will be accompanied by thunderstorms and squalls, be careful.

I recalled that usually in July we rely on the typical summer carelessness. This year we are not very successful in this, but let’s not succumb to the provocations of small people and do everything to ensure that this July still gives us a sense of dignity, joy from our work, freedom, and enjoyment from summer.

Natalka Didenko

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