The Constitutional Court of Ukraine (CCU) will continue consideration of laws on lustration and on decommunization at the “one of the upcoming plenary meetings of the Grand Chamber” of the CCU. This is reported by the press service of the court. There is no date of new court meeting on the website.

Today, on July 4, the Constitutional Court during the closed part of the meeting continued to consider the compliance of the law “On the condemnation of the communist and national socialist (Nazi) regimes, and prohibition of propaganda of their symbols” with the Constitution.

At the same time, activists protested against the possible abolition of the law on lustration and decomunization near the court building.

Also, after the meeting of people’s deputies with the chairman of the court, Natalia Shaptala, MP Viktoria Syumar said that the decisions that the Constitutional Court will make on laws on lustration and decommunization on July 4 will be interim.

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