Tuesday, 29 September

In response to the surprising bill on “deprofanity” by the People’s Deputy Bohomolets the head of the Ministry of Health, Ulana Suprun, said that in reality science has a lot of arguments in favor of profanity.

In her post, the ministry’s head said that such bills better suit North Korea and not a European country. She explained why in fact the swear words are sometimes even necessary.

In particular, Suprun is convinced that aptly and accurately applied profanity is useful for our health. According to the official, the research confirms: cursing describing our attitude to the situation that is not aimed at offending the interlocutor leads to neutral or positive consequences.

“If we react to the complex unpleasant situation rather than to a person, we feel relief. In this case, our outrage with news, pain when you’re having training, trauma, anxiety, or surprise are instantaneous and quite accurate expressions to which our brain reacts with the release of endorphins,” explained Suprun.

“It is important that you should use it in the most urgent moment, and not constantly talk with the help of them. Otherwise, the brain becomes accustomed and ceases to perceive profanity as something extraordinary. To understand and express your emotions is useful for health and communication. The observation of people who have lived for more than a hundred years has shown that, besides other factors, the long-livers are united by the free expression of their emotions. However, prolonged inhibition of emotions, instead of their manifestation (so-called repressive taming of emotions) is associated with a higher chance of cancer and hypertension,” she added.

Ulana Suprun is convinced: passive and active aggression, discrimination, stamps should be eradicated, not a profanity.

“The best care for the Ukrainian language is to communicate and create in it, regardless of the scope of work, to develop professional vocabulary, to translate resources and literature, to read Ukrainian authors, and not to legislate what we’ve said”, summed up the acting minister.

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