Tuesday, 22 September

Ukrainian political prisoner Volodymyr Balukh stopped hunger strike, since the “authorities” of the Russian Federation met his demand – to allow access of the Ukrainian consul to him. This was reported by Minister of Health Ulana Suprun.

Volodymyr Balukh stopped hunger strike in a Russian prison: the Russians met his demand and admitted the Ukrainian consul,” Suprun wrote.

“But for this, Ukrainians had to endanger their health and life. However, Balukh said the exchange was the only way to leave the colony alive,” she added.

The Crimean Human Rights Group also wrote about the fact that Balukh was admitted by the Ukrainian consul.

“Today, July 5, 2019, the Ukrainian consul was admitted to the colony No. 4 in Tirzhok (RF),” human rights activists said.

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