Tuesday, 29 September

Political party “Servant of the People” at the congress on Sunday excluded seven candidates from its election list. However, Viktor Medvedchuk’s friend remained in the lists. 

“Today, delegates to the congress of the ‘Servant of the People’ party voted to exclude seven people from the electoral list in the national constituency, two of whom appealed to the party chairman with an application for expulsion from the list at their own will,” the press service informed.

In particular, Balanyuk Yuriy (No. 164) was excluded – at his own discretion; Boyarchuk Roman (No. 71); Vtikach Vitaliy (No. 177); Olha Kavun (No. 78); Korobkova Olena (No. 31) – at his own discretion; Sokolov Mykhaylo (No. 99); Ragimova Anastasia (No. 170).

According to the results of the congress, in the list of “Servant of the People” number 22 still belongs to Andriy Kholodov, the friend of Viktor Medvedchuk, whose property in the elite district of Vienna worth 6 million euros was found by the  journalists.

The Ukrainian oligarch Dmytro Firtash lives next to this villa.

The head of the party, Dmytro Razumkov, refused to comment on the information of the “Skhemy” investigative show about Kholodov and other questionable candidates from the “Servant of the People”.

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