Saturday, 26 September

The NewsOne TV channel, which belongs to Medvedchuk’s friend, announced the cancellation on of teleconference “We need to talk”. According to the channel’s website, the reason is related to the alleged information campaign against journalists and the threat of attack on the channel.

“We are announcing the cancellation of the teleconference. Our attempt to organize a platform for discussing non-political issues by ordinary people without politicians and odious propagandists has led to a massive information attack recently launched by a number of political parties. There were statements about protests, and from yesterday – direct threats of physical abuse against journalists and their relatives,” the statement reads.

NewsOne insists that they plan to create the first non-political teleconference between people of Ukraine and Russia. Therefore, the team close to Medvedchuk TV channel assesses protests and dissatisfaction of Ukrainians as direct pressure on journalistic freedom.

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