Teleconference, announced by Russia24, has already been canceled on the initiative of the pro-Russian TV channel NewsOne. Can this be considered as a victory? Probably, victory means when propagandists and assassins don’t plan teleconference at all. Chronicles of an attempt to “speak” – in reactions from Opinion.

Let’s start with a pleasant thing, more precisely, the one that looks most logical – there will be no teleconference with Russia. The corresponding statement was published on the website of the TV channel NewsOne, which belongs to the comrade of Putin’s friend Viktor Medvedchuk. According to the statement, such a decision was made because of the announced protests and alleged pressure on the freedom of speech of journalists. I’m curious, is it only for me the words “journalism” and “NewsOne” seem to be somewhat controversial?

Just one hour before that the announcement of the teleconference was finally commented by the President of Ukraine. According to Volodymyr Zelensky, this is nothing more than manipulation and an excuse for politicians to earn “extra points” for the elections. Instead, the president invited Putin to talk. However, not face to face, but in the company of Trump, Merkel, Macron, and May.

The National Security Council of Ukraine has also reacted to the teleconference between the propaganda Russia24 and NewsOne. Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksandr Danylyuk stressed that the construction of illegal “bridges” becomes a specialization of Russia, and we, as a strong country, “must react confidently, without excessive emotions and panic”. Danylyuk has also used the opportunity to accuse Poroshenko. Well, it can’t be the other way.

Temporary acting director of Security Service Ivan Bakanov proposed to initiate an urgent meeting of the NSDC, to inform the owner of the NewsOne TV channel and the “News” holding company about the responsibility for such events, and to initiate measures by the Antimonopoly Committee to demonopolize the information space on the part of Medvedchuk’s media conglomerate.

Political expert Olexiy Minakov explained that Russian motivation to conduct such events is obvious: to reset their crimes and move to a phase of hybrid peace. According to the expert, Ukraine has nothing to talk with propagandists who increase aggression against Ukraine and guilty of mobilizing killers and mercenaries on the Donbas.

Olesya Yakhno-Belkovskaya, a political expert, described the main goals of such “teleconferences”: to impose a mantra about “civil conflict”, to escape from responsibility, to promote the thesis of “one/fraternal people” and actually to stop Ukraine’s movement towards NATO and the EU.

MP and ex-journalist Mustafa Nayyem emphasized that “teleconference” would not be a “frank talk”, but a conversation between a rapist and a victim. Nayyem also stressed: it is clear that Russia24, which is funded by the state, can’t do anything that would deviate from Kremlin’s goals, strategy, and doctrine.

Blogger Sergei Naumovich advised propagandists to talk better with their own citizens. Well, to explain, for example, how money for the “Crimean bridge” was found, and for gasification of 32% of the Russian Federation’s territory, the funds are still not raised. Or to explain, for example, why every third Russian in a “rich oil state” is heating a house with firewood. In short, there is something to talk about. There is a “need”, so to speak.

A blogger Denys Kazanskyi also stressed that we have nothing to talk about with the killers. However, he added: the purpose of Medvedchuk is not to talk, but to provoke pogroms, protests and get some PR from it.

Journalist Marina Daniluk-Yarmolaeva is convinced that Russian motives are completely transparent: to reset crimes and to play on the balalaika song about “fraternal peoples”, which have been quarreled by politicians. However, according to the author, we really need to talk to Russia. But on our own terms, when they release all prisoners, Russian officers will leave Donbas, the Crimea will be returned, Russia will pay for its actions, and Putin personally apologizes to Ukraine.

MP Iryna Podolyak insists that authorities should listen to people because a soft reaction to such initiatives is not an option.

Investbanker Sergey Fursa stressed that there is an urgent need to implement sanctions of the US against Medvedchuk in Ukraine as soon as possible.

Vice-Premier Ivanna Klympush-Tsintsadze suggested that only our grandchildren will be able “to talk”, and only if our generation succeeds in defeating Russia, and the occupiers will redeem themselves.

First deputy chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Iryna Gerashchenko reminded that Russia24 is not television, but a propaganda horn, an instrument of the Kremlin’s information warfare in the hybrid war.

On the other hand political technologist Oleksii Holobutskyi expressed hope that at least now, politicians who regularly visit the studio of Medvedchuk TV channel will stop doing it.

MP Volodymyr Ariev was also outraged by the announcement of the “teleconference”. According to him, the only possible option of dialogue with Russia is after the return of Crimea and Donbas and repentance for aggression.

People’s Deputy Borislav Bereza also opposed the “teleconference” with Russia, because its broadcast could lead to quite obvious consequences and reactions of people. And it would hurt everybody, according to Bereza. And not only emotionally.

In general, a dialogue is possible indeed. A blogger Anton Hodza even gave the best scenario for it.

By the way, if you didn’t notice, on the cover of the text – the work by Ukrainian illustrator Oleksandr Grekhov, whom, by the way, we’ve interviewed. There is no better explanation of such “teleconference”, which Putin and Medvedchuk were going to hold.

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