Saturday, 26 September

The National Council for Television and Radio Broadcasting can’t revoke the license of the NewsOne TV channel, owned by Medvedchuk’s friend. They need empowerment to do it. This was stated by Serhiy Kostynsky on the air of the TV channel “Pryamy”.

“Today, the legislation does not allow the withdrawal of any TV channel for the propaganda of the state-aggressor authorities, for the provocation of hostility, for fake-news. Because of this, we plan to address the Parliament to make these changes to the legislation, so that the National Council could react promptly and rigorously with no warnings, no fines, namely the suspension of the license on these facts,” Kostynsky explained.

Recall, the NewsOne TV channel of Viktor Medvedchuk’s business partner and the Russian propaganda channel “Russia24” on July 12 planned to hold a “television conference” called “We have to talk.”

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