Wednesday, 30 September

In his first month of work in Ukraine, an American diplomat and the U.S. chargé d’affaires in Ukraine William Taylor visited Odesa. In Odesa, the ambassador met with the participants of the training “Sea Breeze-2019″, local public activists and to discuss the improvement of international relations and economic changes in the country.

For Ukraine, William Taylor is not a new person. For three years, since May 2006, the diplomat has been the ambassador of the United States to Ukraine. He has clearly defined views on our war, recognizes Russia as an unconditional aggressor and openly advocates the return of Crimea and the de-occupation of Donbas.

Taylor arrived in Odesa accompanied by the commander of the U.S. 6th Fleet Commander Lisa Franchetti. In his speech to the participants of the training program “Sea Breeze-2019”, the diplomat stressed that this is one of the key elements of cooperation between our countries.

Посол Вільям Тейлор: «США завжди стоятиме на боці України»

Photo: US Embassy in Ukraine

“The US is very pleased to cooperate with Ukraine and other European partners to improve regional security and stability in the Black Sea region. The United States stands firmly on the side of Ukraine in protecting its territorial integrity and sovereignty and in carrying out reforms in the defence sector. The US supports a free, prosperous and European Ukraine,” said William Taylor.

In addition, the ambassador announced the transfer of two Island type ships to the Ukrainian Navy and confirmed the continuation of supply of other military equipment to strengthen the defence of our country.

During his meeting with the representatives of Odesa in the first weeks of the appointment, Taylor also mentioned the captured seamen who are still in the Russian captivity, despite the decision of the International Tribunal and the appeals of world leaders.

Besides, William Taylor initiated a meeting with public activists of Odesa. Oleh Mykhailyk, Odesa activist who is a victim of attempted murder, told about the invitation. According to Oleh, the meeting with the ambassador left a good impression. However, the activist stressed the no less noticeable detail: the US ambassador refused to meet with the mayor of Odesa Hennadii Trukhanov who is suspected of plunder of public funds.

Посол США Вільям Тейлор зустрівся з одеськими військовими, активістами та головним інвестором міста

“It was a meeting with extraordinary, pleasant people. People who express their full support for Ukraine and those who fight for it. And again, without the acting mayor of Odesa, Trukhanov. The toxicity in the international community at any level lasts forever,” Mykhailyk commented on the meeting.

Apart from that, the US ambassador to Ukraine met with one of the key businessmen of the city, the well-known philanthropist and general investor of KADORR Group Adnan Kivan. During the meeting, Taylor and Kivan discussed the prospects of development and business in Ukraine, the impact and importance of reforms in relation to the economic situation in the country and the development of international support for the state.

Посол США Вільям Тейлор зустрівся з одеськими військовими, активістами та головним інвестором міста

Therefore, Taylor’s choice of Odesa showed the priorities of the US embassy and the strategic importance of the city, and the people with whom the diplomat decided to meet are obviously considered by him as an integral part of the cooperation between the US and Ukraine.

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