Thursday, 26 November

The 112 Ukraine TV channel, which leadership is linked to Viktor Medvedchuk, announced the broadcast of the film Revealing Ukraine on a “civil conflict” in the Donbas. The film’s protagonists are Medvedchuk and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This is written by Radio Liberty.

It is noted that the producer of the “documentary” Revealing Ukraine is an American Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone.

“This is Stone’s story about Ukrainian events through President Putin and his friend Viktor Medvedchuk. according to the selection of protagonists, the narrative of the film is obvious – in 2014, the Maidan was just coup d’etat supported by agents of the CIA, which caused a civil conflict in the pro-Russian Donbas,” Radio Liberty writes.

Pre-premiere screening of the tape was held on July 4 at the international, but little-known film festival in the city of Taormina in Sicily (Italy).

In this case, the Italian national press almost ignored the presentation – brief news about the event appeared on the pages of some Sicilian media.

“Oliver Stone has long been known for his commitment to dictators and anti-American views in his artworks. What he presented at the Taormina Resort Festival is only part of a documentary film project that will be ready by the end of the summer.

Then the film Revealing Ukraine is planned to be divided into four series and broadcasted on Ukrainian television, informs the local press, quoting Oliver Stone,” Radio Liberty writes.

American producer is also among the actors of the film – Stone writes an interviews Putin and Medvedchuk.

“The film’s creator is Igor Lopatonok, an American director of Ukrainian origin, who, as they notice in the press, hides in the shadow of an eminent producer,” the media says.

It is reported that Oliver Stone, as the head of the jury at the Taormina Film Festival 65, ordered to show an unfinished political film out of competition and free of charge to viewers.

“Our goal is to stop the war in Ukraine. We are not ‘for’ and not ‘against’ Vladimir Putin, we are striving to tell the truth,” he said.

Lopatonok said almost the same words, however, he went even further, accusing the philanthropist and entrepreneur George Soros of the “Ukrainian rebellion”.

The presentation of the film Revealing Ukraine was covered in detail by 112 Ukraine TV channel, which, according to journalistic investigations, indirectly belongs to Medvedchuk.

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