Patriarch Filaret said that he did not expect a negative reaction to his interview with the propaganda channel “Russia 24”. Instead, Filaret noted that the Russian channel did not distort his words, as it often happens on Ukrainian television. About this Filaret stated in an interview with the Hromadske.

“I give an interview to all who ask me. But I did not think there would be such a negative reaction to the interview that I gave to the enemy’s channel. I give interviews to Ukrainian channels, but they distort my words, or they choose one or another word and give their comments. Therefore, now the mass media in the overwhelming majority are aimed at the destruction of the Kyiv Patriarchate. Therefore, all this information must be approached from these positions – they support the Kyivan Patriarchate, that is, an independent church, or do not support it,” the patriarch said.

Filaret also noticed that “this hostile channel gave true information.”

“It does not support, but it does not distort what I said. And this already has great significance, because the world, though through an enemy’s voice heard the truth. Some pay attention to whom I gave interviews, and the second ones pay attention to what the I said. So, here it is necessary to pay attention to what the patriarch said, not to whom,” Filaret said.

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