Volodymyr Zelensky announced the abolition of the military parade on Independence Day of Ukraine. But the head of state promises a new format of celebration, and the president promised to give the money that was meant for the organization of the parade to the servicemen. Read about the feedback of social networks to this news in Reactions from Opinion.

The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Andriy Parubii perceived the decision of the president negatively and called on all those who fought for Ukraine to come out to Khreshchatyk on August 24 and go on the Independence parade together.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman is also convinced that, in fact, the parade is needed. Therefore, the head of government instructed the ministry of finance and the ministry of defence to calculate the cost of the parade and the sources of funding.

The fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko noted that Zelensky as the commander-in-chief has the right to make the decision: to hold a military parade or not. According to the ex-president, everything depends on the priorities of Volodymyr Zelensky.

Political expert Olexiy Minakov assured that the parade is needed because it does not only symbolize the protection of our state but also indeed reminds all Ukrainians of the war. Also, according to the expert, the parade is a component of the formation of the Ukrainians’ pride for their own army and their own state. The cancellation of the parade can be regarded by Russia as a signal of unwillingness to defend.

Blogger Sergey Naumovich believes that the complete abolition of the parade is too much because if saving public funds is necessary, the event could be held without military equipment. In general, the author reiterated the opinion of Mr Minakov: the parade is able to remind that in that exact moment someone has to risk his life for the sake of our peace.

Denis Pyatigorets, a blogger, criticized the decision of Zelensky, noting that the sum of money that is allegedly required to conduct the military parade, exactly coincides with the sum required to relocate the president’s office to new premises. But in one case it is wastefulness, and in another, it is completely normal.

Journalist Kateryna Roshuk is also convinced that the parade is an important symbol during the war. However, the author believes that it was possible to save on something else, but not on the parade on Independence Day.

An investment banker Sergey Fursa also trolled Zelensky about the parade and moving into a new president’s office.

Blogger Roman Shrike (not without sarcasm, of course) even proposed instead of the new president’s office… to give money to pensioners.

Political scientist Viktor Taran saw only two reasons why it is possible to cancel the parade in a country where there is war: either there is no war, or there is no commander-in-chief in the country. And the answer to the expert is quite obvious.

In his turn, people’s deputy Borislav Bereza hinted that the claim about the cancellation of the parade is a technology which distracts us from the analysis of actions of the power and the education of society.

Journalist and political strategist Taras Berezovets commented on the decision of Zelensky with sarcasm. According to him, it is really better not to hold the parade, because this is a serious matter, “not some chips”.

Political strategist Oleksii Holobutsky believes that the parade is able to mobilize the society to confront the enemy, to motivate volunteering and to raise the pride in their state in the minds of children and youth. Therefore, the expert advises thinking again about holding the parade.

Blogger Olena Dobrovolska also noted the importance of the parade, because it is an honour, propaganda of the state and a symbol.

A war veteran and a blogger Roman Kulyk simplified the two main functions of the parade in his post: to remind society that the country is at war and to give a signal to our allies and enemies. Now, according to Kulyk, the cancellation of the parade will critically reduce the level of conditional “belligerence” of society, which has been steadily falling from year to year.

But a blogger Serhii Marchenko suggested that the parade was cancelled not because of certain ideological or political views, but because the ratings of the pro-presidential party fell according to the latest counts, and the team of “Servant of the People” is trying to define their electorate.

An activist Stanislav Krasnov, however, opposed the parade, stressing that huge amounts of money are spent on it, and part of the “parade” equipment is directly prohibited for use.

Masi Nayyem, a lawyer and the brother of a people’s deputy Mustafa Nayyem, noted that he wanted to see a parade with trophies, a holiday “with meaning and without losses” when the war finally comes to an end.

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