The average price of electric energy for industrial consumers in the new wholesale market on the basis of the first ten days of the new model has increased by 30% compared with the price in June. This was announced at a press conference by the head of the Ukrenergo Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

“If we look at the real figures of the first decade, then the growth of prices for industrial consumers is much higher than the previously announced forecasts by the government at 6.8%. Together with regulator, we predicted the level of 40% and 42%. The actual price increase for industrial consumers connected to the network Ukrenergo, or connected to the first class of voltage to the SRF, in the first decade of July is 30,” he said.

“And the trend is that this difference will continue to grow if don’t make changes,” added Kovalchuk.

The Law on the Electricity Market includes the introduction of a new model of the market, which includes a number of segments: the market of bilateral agreements, the “day to day” market, the internal market, the balancing market and the market of auxiliary services.

Ukrenergo stated that after the launch of the new market electricity prices may increase.

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