Tuesday, 22 September

The current economic growth in Ukraine is very restrained, and its nature is not permanent. Anastasia Golovach, an economist at the World Bank Representation in Ukraine, told about this in an interview to the Mirror Weekly.

According to her, in 2016-2017, a very large contribution to GDP was made at the expense of a good harvest, which is a very volatile and difficult predicted factor, because every year record harvests may not be.

Other sectors that make a significant contribution to our GDP growth are those sectors that are oriented towards domestic consumption, which is also not the best option.

“Domestic consumption does not increase export potential, it does not help us to integrate into global value-added chains, increase our competitiveness, increase productivity, that is, to use all possible mechanisms that help sustainable development,” the economist said.

According to Golovach, at present, public investment is limited to a very high consumption expenditure: interest payments on debt and social costs.

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