Today, the law on ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state language came into force. After its adoption and the publication in Holos Ukraiiny, two months have passed, but throughout this time the joy for very important changes has not decreased. Read more about the first day of the law on language in Reactions.

Andriy Parubiy, the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of the eighth convocation, congratulated the Ukrainians with the enforcement of the law and noted that the language is our unique weapon, which is no less powerful than military weapons in a hybrid war.

A co-author of the language law and a people’s deputy Mykola Kniazhytskyi urged the Ukrainians to participate in today’s events throughout Ukraine to support the Ukrainian language and demonstrate their position. According to the politician, when the events were announced, there were insistent attempts to disrupt them in many cities.

The first deputy chairman of the parliament Iryna Gerashchenko also urged the Ukrainians to join the announced actions and support Ukraine and the Ukrainian language.

However, another co-author of the law on language, a people’s deputy Iryna Podoliak, is convinced – those who value the state language, do not need to shout about it from all scenes, but just need to live in the language, as in love – every day.

The fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko reminded that the law was developed as a result of a wide discussion in Ukraine. The former president thanked people’s deputies, public activists and cultural figures who developed and supported the law on language.

A singer, a volunteer and a social activist Anzhelika Rudnytska thanked all those who defend the Ukrainian language and stressed that the language is our business card, our self-identification and a way to spread the unique knowledge.

The minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Ihor Zhdanov also expressed his congratulations, stressing that the issue of the only state Ukrainian language is a matter of the future of the country and our national security.

A people’s deputy Hanna Hopko called the law on language one of the cornerstones on which our national unity will grow and strengthen. And at the same time, the co-author of the law is convinced that revanchists dream to flip the course of history and to destroy the law.

An actress Irma Vitovska-Vantsa reminded about the years of bullying, prohibitions, primitivization and ridicules that our language has suffered and noted: the Ukrainian language is a code, a marker by which we are identified.

A politician Ivan Kovalyk thanked everyone who fought for the abolition of the law of “Kivalov-Kolesnichenko” and those who wrote, edited and processed the social law on language 5670-d. After all, language is not just a means of communication, but one of the foundations of national identity and state unity.

The minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk called the law on language our second Constitution. According to the minister, it is impossible to form the face of our country without the support of the Ukrainian language.  After all, it is the language that determines the way of thinking and values.

A people’s deputy Taras Batenko stressed that the main task of the law is uniting Ukraine, and the Ukrainian language is a key factor in the independence and integrity of our country.

A singer Maria Burmaka considers the language a state-forming factor and a weapon in the hybrid war against Russia.

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