Wednesday, 2 December

Nikolai Polozov, the defenders of Ukrainian sailors group coordinator, commented on the continuation of Ukrainian sailors detention. At present, there is no talk about sailors’ exchange, said Polozov in a comment to Hromadske. At the same time, there are several options where sailors can be released.

“Exchanges, as such, are not foreseen at all. Nobody will be exchanged on a bridge like in a movie. Mutual dismissal on different procedural grounds from one side and the other is possible. There are several procedural options for dismissal which can be realized in one day,” said the lawyer.

“The list of exchanges is a simplified list of prisoners in both countries. Each will be released from each side by individual schemes since each is at different stages, submit to different entities, etc,” he added.

Polozov also added that only political will is needed, there are no technical and legal obstacles. According to the lawyer, this issue will not be resolved until the parliamentary elections. He stressed that Russia is trying to leave room for political maneuver.

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