Wednesday, 25 November

Yesterday in Strasbourg, the friend of the Russian President Vladimir Putin Viktor Medvedchuk presented a “peaceful plan” to resolve the “crisis in the South-East of Ukraine”. Read in Reactions what the frequent guest of the Kremlin told the Europeans, and how to react to it.

To protect you from unnecessary visits to questionable resources, I will briefly tell you what was in the report of the press service of the “Opposition Platform – For Life” party, the head and the largest sponsor of which is Putin’s close friend. So, Viktor Medvedchuk decided to praise himself first and to tell how he went to Donetsk and Luhansk, negotiated and how good he is in general as he’s been “engaged” in this issue for so long.

When it comes to the plan itself, according to Medvedchuk, it was developed following the results of the conversations with terrorist groups “DNR” and “LNR” and the Kremlin. His priority is “to return people, not the territory”. And to do it all, of course, through a “direct dialogue” in the format of “Kyiv–Donetsk–Luhansk–Moscow”. In short, would anyone doubt? If you are interested, you can read our review of the program of Medvedchuk’s party. That is a “beautiful” song about autonomy, the abolition of the language and decommunization laws… Although I doubt anyone expected something different?

A former prime minister of Ukraine Arsenii Yatseniuk noted that Medvedchuk presented his “Putin’s plan” on the fifth anniversary of the MH17 tragedy. According to Yatseniuk, the plan of Putin’s friend provides that… Ukraine is responsible for everything: victims, crimes of the Russian military and fighters, murders, rapes, tortures.

The former prime minister is convinced that the goal of Putin and his envoys is not peace, but the war against us all. After all, Moscow does not believe in tears, it wants blood.

A journalist Maryna Danyliuk-Yermolayeva noted that by this plan Medvedchuk actually declares that we should “cave in” to Putin and accept the federalization. Beyond that, the author does not exclude that the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is significantly responsible for the activation of the close friend of the president of the Russian Federation.

A political scientist Kostiantyn Bondarenko reminded that Medvedchuk and his “companions” (Boiko, Kozak and Rabinovych) visited Moscow last week. However, according to the expert, there is an opinion that the Kremlin has long questioned the effectiveness of relying on Medvedchuk.

By the way, there were no official announcements about the meeting in Strasbourg. And it is significant that Ukraine’s “big friends” were near Viktor Medvedchuk. Their names, according to Bondarenko, demonstrate the “seriousness” of the West: it is obvious they gathered quickly and exclusively “for a tick”, to somehow outshine the Moscow fiasco of Medvedchuk.

And the political scientist noted that there was an embarrassment: Medvedchuk attributed a package of bills in pursuance of the Minsk agreements to his “team”. However, none of the authors of the nine draft laws on this theme was in the team of Putin’s friend.

A deputy minister for temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine George Tuka also noted that this Viktor Medvedchuk’s ”round table” was not an official event of the European Parliament. According to him, with the same success, Medvedchuk & Co could gather at a round table in any pub. After all, a mere invitation from any member of the European Parliament is enough to arrange such a “hearing”.

A journalist and a blogger Serhii Ivanov said that he had the impression that Medvedchuk just rented the premises of the European Parliament as if it is “sauna with an escort for bachelor’s party”. Ivanov called the “plan” of the candidate for people’s deputy from the “Opposition Platform – For Life” “Putin’s ultimatum on Ukraine”.

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