Thursday, 26 November

Chief editor of “RIA News Ukraine” Kirill Vyshynsky, who is accused of treason, was arrested until September 19.

Prosecutors were asked to continue arrest, emphasizing the dangers of escape. The prosecution party reminded of the Russian citizenship of Vyshynsky and the refusal of the Ukrainian one and the fact that he was a regular staff of the Russian media.

Lawyers also noted that Vyshynsky is not going to flee the country, he has a capital residence and “interested in establishing the truth” himself. Vyshynsky himself said that the position of the prosecutors is ungrounded, he should not be exchanged, but released due to innocence.

To journalists’ questions about the probable continuation of journalism career in case of release, Vyshynsky said that he would like to continue, “Of course, I want to continue excersising the profession I was engaged in.”

According to the investigation Vyshynsky received 53 thousand euros a month “for subversion of information activities”. Money from Russia was transferred not directly to Vyshynsky, but to Serbia, then to Ukraine.

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