Thursday, 26 November

Ursula von der Leyen, the head-elect of the European Commission, supported the continuation of the European Union’s sanctions policy against Russia. At the same time, she stressed that it was worthwhile to offer a dialogue.

“We are witnessing a largely hostile policy of Moscow,” she said in an interview to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica. For this, von der Leyen proposed to respond from the position of force.

“The Kremlin does not forgive any weakness. From our position of strength we must support sanctions and at the same time offer a dialogue,” the head-elect of the European Commission said.

Answering the question of Russia’s influence in Europe, the politician said that the European Union has ways to cope with this problem.

She added that the EU is improving in the elimination of slanderous Russian campaigns in the media and social networks. “Our advantage, as a democracy, is to respond with transparency, freedom of the press and open debate,” Ursula von der Leyen added.

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