On the “day of silence”, on the eve of early parliamentary elections in Kyiv and regions, hidden and open campaigning in support of candidates was disclosed.

According to the civil movement CHESNO, there were found billboards with ads without output data, which don’t contain the name of the party but hint at it with slogans and execution style.

“Such agitation, although it is not a violation of the electoral law, is considered to be hidden. Many samples of such advertising were placed on Friday, July 19,” they said in CHESNO.

So, in Kyiv, there are advertising of Volodymyr Zelensky’s presidential campaign style, which, accordingly, hints at the party “Servant of the People” and billboards resembling the campaign of the party European Solidarity.

Also in the capital, there is a campaign in the style of the party National Corps, which in this election created a coalition with Svoboda party, and in the Dnipro – advertising for the concert “Okean Elzy”, which can be regarded as campaigning for the Voice party of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.

Hidden campaigning was also found in Lviv, the Kyiv region, Kropyvnytsky and Odesa.

In addition, they note in CHESNO, that many adverts were recorded for specific candidates for people’s deputies and parties, which were placed in unsuitable places for this and have not yet been removed, which is a violation.

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