Servant of the People party, due to the results of the National exit poll, celebrates its victory in the parliamentary elections. At least 120 representatives of the Razumkov team can get to the Parliament.

Euphoria, joy and first statements: at the headquarters of the Servant of the People they have already begun to celebrate victory and gave the first comments on the results. Although Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking after the announcement of the first results, stressed that it would be good to repeat the presidential elections and gain 73%, it is obvious that the team of political technologist of the president Dmytro Razumkov were ready for such results.

Servant of the People was predicted victory from the very beginning of the campaign, and even though the rating since the beginning of the race has dropped somewhat, voters’ trust in Zelensky & Co, perhaps, remains unchanged.

According to preliminary results, the pro-presidential political force won more than three rivals – European Solidarity, Batkivshchyna and Voice. However, we will be able to see the full picture by receiving a list of the winners. Meanwhile, we offer pictures from the celebration of the victory by Servant of the People.

Photo by Ivan Pechenyi

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