On the day of the early parliamentary elections, an active advertising campaign for and against the parliamentary candidates is underway on Facebook. This is reported by the CHESNO movement.

“A part of the advertisement is broadcast from official pages of parties and majorities, but the lion’s share of advertising is broadcast from unofficial fan pages and pages that broadcast anti-advertising. Thus, politicians ignore the direct prohibition of the law for campaigning on the “day of silence” and the day of elections,” the watchers said.

“The official page “Servants of the People” mobilizes its supporters to vote, opposed to the fact that old politicians count on the fact that the youth will stay at home. Essentially, most posts are identical, but they are targeted to different cities. As of 12 o’clock on July 21, the page “Servants of the People” broadcasted 34 active advertising messages,” CHESNO movement reported.

The legislation prohibits campaigning for or against candidates for MP on the day of elections and on the “day of silence”, which precedes it.

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