At the checkpoint of entry-exit (COEE) “Maiorske”, an explosive object was found: the rescuers initiated the issue of a temporary closure of the checkpoint as the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported.

At about 12:10, 150 meters from the COEE near the roadside of the pyrotechnics, an unexploded 120-mm artillery mine was discovered. In order to guarantee the security of civilians crossing the line of demarcation, the border guards temporarily ceased their passage through the line of demarcation. The civilian and control personnel were taken to a safe place. Pyrotechnic calculations continue to operate on-site for an additional and thorough inspection of its territory.

The restoration of the operation of the checkpoint “Maiorske” is promised to be announced additionally.

On the morning of July 21, a pass at the checkpoint of the entry-exit “Maiorske” was suspended due to the anonymous notification of mine infestation but was restored shortly.

July 15, checkpoint “Maiorske” also stopped working due to anonymous call for mine infestation. The explosives were not detected then.

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