Wednesday, 25 November

The Supreme Court of Russia recognized the sentence for Ukrainian Pavlo Hryb to be “legal”, who was convicted of 6 years in the colony for allegedly “inclinating to terrorism”.

“The decision of the court to recognize lawful, the complaint of protection to leave without satisfaction,” said the judge.

It is noted that the protection of Ukrainians drew attention to “the failure and inadmissibility of evidence on the basis of which the court of the first instance sentenced.”

“The detention protocol does not correspond to the reality of the time and place of its assembly. He [Pavlo Hryb] was beaten, tortured and kicked testimonies out of him, which then laid the foundation for the sentence. I believe that the sentence is subject to cancellation,” the lawyer said.

In his speech, Hryb stated that he did not agree with the verdict of the court, but yet the judge satisfied the petition of the Russian prosecutor’s office.

Russians kidnapped Pavlo Hryb on August 24, 2017, in Belarus. A young Ukrainian, suffering from portal hypertension, is charged with “inclination to a terrorist attack”. According to the prosecution, Pavlo Hryb forced a Russian schoolgirl from Sochi to manufacture and blast up an explosive.

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