Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman said all ministries should prepare so-called reports for the next ministers, with information on the goals, objectives, and achievements in order to transfer power in a civilized way. He said this at a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to him, for the continuity of power, the government and the prime minister confer powers on the newly elected Verkhovna Rada at its first meeting. Nevertheless, they remain committed to carrying out their duties until a new government is formed. He expressed the hope that the council will meet soon enough and a new Cabinet will be formed soon.

“At the same time, we are very responsible to ensure stability in Ukraine and to fulfill all the tasks assigned to the government in the transition period. We will ensure the normal life of the country, we will prepare the country for the heating season so that there will be no shocks. Elections are important but people need warmth, light and appropriate comfort,” said Groisman.

The head of government noted that each ministry should prepare the necessary materials for the next ministers.

“This is a completely new tradition: Do not slam the door and go, but prepare materials for each ministry, in every direction, what the achievements are, what the problems are, what the policy of this ministry is, what the goals and objectives are. The minister, when he or she arrives, has received materials for a full look at the state of affairs,” he said.

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