In Symferopil was plundered and destroyed the only temple of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, the Cathedral of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Volodymyr and Olga, stated the archbishop of the Crimean diocese of the OCU, Clement, reports Crimea. Realia.

The destruction of church property started after the occupation “court” ordered the release of the temple premises in favor of the so-called Ministry of Property and Land Relations of the Crimea. “Repair” in the premises of the temple began when Clement traveled to the United States.

“The situation is very critical. Everything happened when I was not in the Crimea. According to the court decision in 2017, 110 sq. meters of the ground floor were seized. It was sealed and locked. But the church property was also registered and preserved in the right way: armchairs, icons, furniture, rugs, dishes, tables, cutlery. Now it’s all looted and broken. I saw some of the things in the street on the landfill. Where are other things – I do not know,” Clement said.

“They started a pogrom just when I was at a conference on religious freedom. This way Russia shows the world community what it (religious freedom – ed. Ed.) means to them,” considers the clergyman.

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