Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

Sweltering heat is coming to Western Europe. Air temperature in many countries reaches and exceeds +40 degrees Celcius. Traditionally cooler Great Britain, Sweden, Finland suffer from +30 to +35 degrees. Central Europe, the south of the continent also found themselves hostage to the hot air of southern origin. But Ukraine had a comfortable, fresh, temperate heat and periodic summer, abundant or quiet, rains. Our society this summer is restless, violent and sometimes nervous, therefore the atmosphere has decided not to add synoptic oil to the atmospheric fire and to please Ukrainians with tolerance and wisdom.

Meteorological conditions in the coming days in Ukraine will not undergo any significant changes.

During the 26th, 27th and 28th July in most areas there will be local short-term rains, sometimes thunderstorms.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


The nature of the precipitation will be short-lived, the showers will alternate with sunshine. At times, the atmospheric front will be limited by an increase in cloudiness, without significant precipitation.

The most comfortable is the weather at the end of the week in the southern part of Ukraine – there will be much sunshine, the dry air mass will prevail.

The air temperature will be especially pleasing to vacationists, during the day it will be +26 to +29 degrees, with stronger solar heating at times up to + 30 degrees Celcius.

In the rest of Ukraine, the columns of thermometers will fluctuate within comfortable limits, +24 to +27 degrees.

In the Carpathians, throughout the day + 19 to + 24 degrees are expected, in the highlands – from +15 to +19 degrees, so tourists should mind appropriate clothing.

From the beginning of the next week, Ukraine will witness another cold snap. The air temperature will decrease during the daytime from +20 +25 degrees to +18 +23 degrees. However, the southern part will have a hot air mass, +26 up to +30 degrees are expected. And only on August 1, the decrease in air temperature will reach the south of Ukraine.

In Kyiv on July 26 and weekends, July 27-28, are expected to be moderately warm, the daytime air temperature will reach +23, +27 degrees at max. Rain with local thunderstorms is probable, so don’t forget about an umbrella. The precipitations will alternate with the sunshine, but still, wet weather will dominate, so do not forget to take anti-mosquitoes repellants with you.

Beginning of the next week will come to the capital with a further decrease in air temperature. July 29 will still be warm, it will be up to +25 degrees, however, on July 30-31 and August 1-2, the columns of thermometers will not rise above + 19 + 23 degrees.

Wet weather in Kyiv will also dominate next week, but heavy rain is not expected, strong heat or abnormal cold either.

The atmosphere is favorable to us, but we still keep a close eye on the daily weather forecasts. Analysis, refinement, knowledge and professional approach are all that we often lack in our everyday lives.

Natalka Didenko

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