Ukraine succeeded in taking back the 25th crew member captured by Russia in the Kerch Strait. Her release was reported by the journalist Oleksandra Yefimenko and lawyer Anastasia Heorhievska. At the time of the seizure of Ukrainian sailors, the dog was three months old.

“A fun and bold little girl. She tugged at the foot of the Russian border guard (he told himself!) She is only 1 year old. She will have a long and happy life,” the lawyer said.

According to her, after the arrest of Ukrainian sailors, the dog was taken away by officers of the FSB Border Guard Service of Russia in Kerch.

The coordinator of the group of lawyers of the Ukrainian sailors, Mykola Polozov, said that the dog had been on the territory of the Border Guard Service for eight months.

“She was chained there, she wasn’t treated badly, no. She was fed there, but she was still in such street life conditions. It so happened that she got to them very little, she was three or four months old. When I found out about her, I remember, I said that if we save the dog – we will also save the sailors,” Polozov said.

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