The protest “Kateryna Handziuk’s murderers should be punished” took place in Kherson today. Its participants, many of whom came from other cities of Ukraine, demanded that the organizers of Kateryna’s murder be held accountable.

“Today is a day that divides life into ‘before’ and ‘after’ … ‘After’ was a heavy torment, suffering, desire to survive and death … Katya is gone. Today we are here to honor her memory and to say that the evil has not yet been punished,” said Katia’s father Victor Handziuk during the action.

Participants of the action walked through the main streets of Kherson and organized pickets under the regional police administration and the Kherson regional state administration.

The activists visited the houses of the person involved in the case, Igor Pavlovsky, and former Deputy Head of the Kherson Regional State Administration Yevhen Ryshchuk. On the walls of the state institutions and apartments of Ryshchuk and Pavlovsky, participants of the action left graffiti with the image of Katya and the inscription “The killer lives here”.

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