Saturday, 28 November

The newly elected MP from the Servant of the People and the CEO of 1+1 Media Holding Oleksandr Tkachenko believes that he can head the Kyiv city government.

“We can assume anything, but life dictates its conditions. At first, I did not plan, but the situation is conducive,” Tkachenko said about the possibility of running for the head of Kyiv.

He considers the current situation in Kyiv a crisis.

“The question is not whether I want to run for office or not, but what we have in Kyiv. In Kyiv, we have a crisis and five years of lost opportunities. I do not rule out such an option,” Tkachenko said, adding that in such a case “the life of the people of Kyiv could improve getting rid of gray, corrupt schemes and people watching.”

“There is total corruption in Kyiv. It will be necessary to discuss the concept of city development with the citizens, but obviously, it is necessary to restore sovereignty since there is essentially no district power in the city. It’s not even Klitschko who manages the budget of the capital, but two people,  Vadym Stolar, and Maxym Mykytas,” he summed up.

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