Meteoblog of the country’s chief weather forecaster

July did a great job. It gave wonderful, fresh and sweet air, just like a balm, gladdened us by showers and thunderstorms, showed the summer character can be friendly and affectionate not only with its fruit and picnics but with the synoptic situation as well.

August in Ukraine also starts with moderate warmth. And some fans of the heat might even feel cold. After all, in the coming days, during August 1-4, the air temperature in Ukraine will be +20+25 degrees and even fresher in some areas of the North and North-East with +17+22 degrees. And the heat will even leave the South, traditionally warm region.

Метеоблог головного синоптика країни


At night, the air will already resemble autumn, the thermometer will fluctuate within 9-15 degrees Celsius, and 15-19 degrees Celsius in the South. The mists are gradually occurring. At night and in the morning, visibility can be reduced to 300-500 meters, drivers should be especially careful.

At the beginning of the next week, the air temperature will not change significantly, it is expected to be around +20+25 degrees, +25+28 degrees in the South. In short, there will be no heat, the weather will be promoting outdoor walks, activities, and various events. People with cardiovascular ailments will also breathe more freely – after all, high temperatures sometimes affect health negatively.

Short-term rains and thunderstorms will be periodic. Precipitation is more likely in the Northern and Western regions on August 1-2, Odesa region will join the rains on August 3.

And on August 4, Sunday, thunderstorms will occur in the South and South-East of Ukraine. Rains may be accompanied by squalls and hail.

At the beginning of the next week, atmospheric fronts will move through the North and West of Ukraine, rains and thunderstorms are expected in these regions. It will be dry, clear and sunny in the rest of the territory.

In Kyiv, August began with moderately warm weather. This synoptic situation will last shortly.

The air temperature in the capital will be +20+25 degrees, in the morning and the evening it is necessary to put on warmer clothes, +17+20 degrees are expected. Short-term local rains will alternate with gleams, so it is worth taking both rain and sun protection with you at the weekend. However, the heat in Kyiv is unlikely.

Next week will not bring any significant changes in the weather. In the capital, the thermometer will fluctuate between 22+24 degrees, at night the temperature will fall to +12+15 degrees.

Small to moderate rains will fall in Kyiv on August 5-6, slightly overcast sunny weather is expected on August 7.

July in Ukraine was not hot, but moderate, with minor synoptic antics.

The beginning of August also does not want to bother us with excessive Celcius degrees and the destructive roar of showers and thunderstorms. But it does not forget to please us with wonderful colors, landscapes, plums, watermelons and the clamor of tanned kids.

We will think about autumn later.

And while August goes on, summer still sits firmly on its flowery throne.

Natalka Didenko

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