Wednesday, 25 November

The Court of Appeal canceled the decision of the Zhytomyr District Administrative Court to recount the votes in the 64th constituency, where people’s deputy from Petro Poroshenko Bloc, Volodymyr Areshonkov, defeated the candidate of Servant of the People Party, Vyacheslav Sihachov, and the people’s deputy from Serhiy Pashinsky’s People’s Front party.

“The case, all the arguments, all the evidence, were very carefully considered. I want to note that in this case, the court analyzed very seriously the articles of the law, Art. 94, which establishes a list of grounds under which it is the duty or the right of the district election commission to recount votes,” said the head of the Central Election Commission Tetyana Slipachuk.

“In its conclusion, the court noted that the plaintiff had made use of all the possibilities of trial, during which he had the opportunity to make all its arguments which he considered useful for the defense of his own interests. The Court of Appeal stated that the considered situation was not a violation of the right to express freely the opinion of the people in the election to the legislature. The court also noted that the applicant had every opportunity to participate in the election on an equal basis with other candidates and that he had not shown any evidence of a violation of his defendant’s rights,” the court stated.

We will remind, the Zhytomyr district administrative court satisfied the claim of the proxy of the candidate of Servant of the People Vyacheslav Sihachov and obliged to count votes at all polling stations in constituency No. 64.

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