Wednesday, 25 November

The state border should be an impregnable wall for Russian enemies of Ukraine who visited the occupied Crimea or called for annexation, but open to Russian friends. This was stated in an interview to BBC News Ukraine by the new head of the State Border Guard Service Serhiy Deyneko.

“The state border should be an impregnable wall for the enemies of Ukraine, for unwanted persons who visited Crimea, publicly called for annexation. On the other hand, it should be transparent and comfortable for our friends,” he said.

Deyneko stressed that Russia is an aggressor country, but he still divides its citizens into enemies and friends.

“There are so many Russians who are originally from Ukraine. They live in Russia for 20-30 years. They received Russian citizenship. There are mixed marriages, Russian children, and they come to visit their old parents once a year,” he said.

According to Deyneko, there are many such situations on a daily basis, so he advocates that the border guard still pays attention to all these moments.

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