Saturday, 28 November

Ukrainian Paralympic athlete Oleh Ivanenko broke a record distance of 62 kilometres, spending 18 hours the English Channel. This was reported by the athlete himself on Facebook.

“This is a world record! The English Channel is conquered! Even twice. In 18 hours of the continuous swim, I have overcome 62 kilometres. And this is almost double what we expected if we had been swimming the straight course. But because of the strong currents and the wind we had to change the course. Hence the increased length of the swim,” the record holder said.

“By the night, the air temperature dropped to almost 12, a strong wind picked up and the waves arose. But I was swimming. However, even with such a length of our path, we still had perseverance and the desire to win. We didn’t make only 8 kilometres to the French coast. The ebb began, and we fell into a strong current, which even the Paralympic athlete could not deal with. Therefore, a very difficult decision was made for me to return to the English port,” Oleh Ivanenko said.

The previously agreed plan stipulated that Oleh Ivanenko would cross the English Channel (32 kilometres of a straight line) from the English coast to the French coast in a day. During the course of the swim, the athlete was accompanied by his team that controlled Ivanenko’s state.

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