Bohdan nearly got fired. More precisely, he filed a letter of resignation. Even more precisely – someone posted a crooked photo of his letter. Zelensky didn’t sign it. But he will. However, if there is a “desire” of society. Or he will not sign. Read in Reactions about the letter, resignation and jokes of the President’s Office. Or not in Reactions?

Of course, after such a mess, incomprehensible sources in the President’s Office and a flurry of news in the Ukrainian media, any official would officially comment on all this, dotting the “i”, so that society does not have unnecessary questions. And now let’s take off our pink glasses and read the post of Andriy Bohdan.

Are you confused about what exactly is going on? In order not to complicate the situation, this is a short version of events (careful, it is not deprived of humor) from a blogger Roman Shrike. Or rather – the author’s reconstruction of events.

And now let’s move on to the actual reactions when everything became clear. Well, more precisely, it got a little clearer, but still not clear for what and who it was done. For example, journalist Anton Holoborodko is convinced that Bohdan’s case perfectly illustrates the price of information published with the note “our source reports”. In general, the author sums up quite aptly: we continue to participate in some fantastic experiment.

A journalist Roman Kravets writes that it is not fully clear what really happened. And he also adds: there is information that it is not really trolling; they say, Bohdan did write a letter on emotions. But another thing surprises the author: now journalists receive not explanations, but “centralized leaks” from officials. Here’s the document, and do what you want with it.

If you want a more concentrated generalization, a journalist Diana Butsko coped with it perfectly.

In his turn, a political expert Oleksiy Minakov, saw the continuation of the public confrontation between the head of the President’s Office and Klitschko in Bohdan’s letter. He says it’s a kind of trolling, and we are merely hostages of show-fights between two individuals who conflict with each other.

A deputy prime minister in the government of Groysman Pavlo Rozenko believes that there is no difference whether Bohdan wrote the letter or he did not. But we have an illustration of the classical scheme of ignoring the norms of labor legislation, which, according to Rozenko, was widespread in the USSR. However, to be honest, the official overreacted with smiles a little.

A journalist Kateryna Roshuk said that journalists are unlikely to forgive this “feeding with fakes”, even from “serious men”.

A blogger and a public figure Andriy Smoliy also noted that the whole situation with the “resignation” of Andriy Bohdan is a mockery of journalism and politics. The main thing for the new government, according to the author, is to divert attention from the most important thing – the inability to manage the state effectively and efficiently.

A people’s deputy of the eighth convocation Viktoriia Siumar is also sure that such actions can lead to the complete destruction of the institution of public service.

A blogger Olena Yakhno made three conclusions from Bohdan’s case. One of them is, people who came to power are… “children” who play politics and love to hype.

And here is an assessment of the situation by a political expert Olesya Yakhno-Belkovska.

A journalist Mariana Pietsukh’s reaction to the game of the President’s Office was also extremely negative. She compared the situation with the case of Arkadii Babchenko. The reporters were also conveyed fake information then. However, the difference is that there was the need to find the orderers of the murder of the journalist at that time, and this time… You know.

A people’s deputy of the eighth convocation Oleh Liashko called “Bohdan’s joke” full destruction of public service and discrediting the institute of presidency in Ukraine. According to the leader of the “Radical Party”, for Zelensky and his “quarter” team, it was “game for fun” from the beginning.

Another people’s deputy, Igor Lutsenko, stressed that a written letter of resignation is null and void. After all, if the date is added into the letter of Bohdan and the release itself happens, this decision can easily be appealed. Actually, according to Lutsenko, we observe a big demand for violation of the law by the authority. The people’s deputy is convinced that this demand will keep being satisfied.

A chief editor of “Novynarnia”, a journalist Dmytro Lykhoviy even launched a flashmob called #mediawithoutBohdan, calling for ignoring the news about the head of the President’s Office for a whole week.

A people’s deputy Mustafa Nayyem commented on the situation jokingly, however, quite subtly – hinting at the recent photo of Klitschko with Donald Trump’s lawyer.

A blogger and a columnist Dmytro Lytvyn stressed that Zelensky’s explanation that “the letters were written by all” did not confirm that yesterday’s news is true, not fake. But the president tried to “explain the indecent situation decently”. He didn’t do too well, according to Lytvyn. In general, the author is convinced that there will be many more of such unpleasant, but large-scale jokes.

A journalist Oleksandr Holubov expressed a somewhat atypical idea, noting that, perhaps, journalists deserve such an attitude, and now someone’s task is solved with their help. And with gloves off, just “pointing at their places”. Though, sources report that everything isn’t so unambiguous.

A blogger Yevgeniy Mudzhyri summarized it all this way: journalists who decided to check the information, and not post the news quickly, in anticipation of the views, are… hmm, which word would be best to pick, so that editor does not remove it?

But a political scientist Viktor Taran just advised the President’s Office to read a story about a boy who shouted that “wolves were coming”.

And finally: lightning, the sources reported another loud resignation. Or is it a joke again?

Reactions collected by Stepan the Goat. This was reported by a source in Opinion

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