In response to Russia’s aggressive actions and with regard to the termination of the INF Treaty, Ukraine is stepping up its dialogue with NATO to discuss possible ways to strengthen the defence capability of the Alliance’s entire eastern flank. This is stated in a statement on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.

“In Ukraine, we are disappointed with the termination of the Treaty between the US and the USSR on the elimination of the land-based nuclear missiles and medium-range arsenals between 500km to 5,500km from Europe” because of the situation created by Russia, and understand the coercive actions of the United States,” the Foreign Ministry said.

Formally not being a party to the INF Treaty, Ukraine has been steadily adhering to its provisions throughout its existence. In 1988-1991 all land-based missiles of small (500 to 1 000 kilometres) and medium range (1 000 to 5 500 kilometres) were eliminated in Ukraine, as well as 25 related objects.

Ukraine and the United States have condemned the development and testing by Russia of a ballistic missile RS-26 “Rubezh” for a range of about 2 200 km, as well as the expansion of combat characteristics of the operational-tactical missile complex “Iskander-M”.

“In Ukraine, they are particularly concerned that Russia has developed and has already deployed a medium-range nuclear missile system in the reach of some European capitals, as well as military exercises using the “Iskander-M” Complex in March 2019 in the occupied Crimea”, the Foreign Ministry says.

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