Wednesday, 21 October

Volodymyr Balukh, a Ukrainian political prisoner, was again sent to a remand prison, and Edem Bekirov, arrested in the Crimea, urgently needs medical assistance and adequate treatment.

Balukh was sent to the remand prison in the Russian Torzhok on July 30 for 15 days. In the “Crimean Human Rights Group,” they reminded that in four months in this prison he is locked up for the sixth time. They note that this drives his health under risk, undermined by previous protest hunger strikes and harsh living conditions in the prison: after numerous lock-ups in the remand centre, Volodymyr Balukh was transferred to a cell of six months.

A Ukrainian prisoner has poor health for a long time but he is not given special treatment.

Meanwhile, the international human rights organization Human Rights Watch reported that seriously ill Edem Bekirov arrested in the Crimea needs “urgent medical care and adequate treatment”.

“Russian officials in Crimea should immediately transfer activist Eden Bekirov to hospital for check-up and treatment,” the human rights activist said on August 3.

Senior researcher at Human Rights Watch in Europe and Central Asia Yulia Gorbunova noted that Bekirov is seriously ill, so relatives and lawyers fear for his life.

“He should be in a hospital where he can receive adequate medical care and not in a remand centre,” Gorbunova said.

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